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Life Must Go On

This is a time for caution and common sense.  We all must do our part to limit interactions and the possibility of transmittal.  The elderly and compromised need particular protection.  As for the rest of us, we need to try to stay calm and keep things in perspective.

Life's demands do not stop and people still have needs.  We have to figure out ways to accommodate the safest way possible.  If everything came to a screeching halt, we would starve, die from other life-threatening illnesses and emergencies, disrupt our schedules by postponing weddings, education and other life events.  And, we could destroy our economy.

By no means am I suggesting we make light of this situation.  I am merely suggesting we all do our part to get creative and figure out ways to keep life moving in the safest way WE can.

For me, as a real estate agent, until further notice:

1.  No open houses.

2.  All of my listings will include 360 video tours to narrow live traffic to serious buyers.

3.  Facetime video will be available to buyers who wish to view properties virtually.

4.  Until further notice, I will personally meet every buyer agent with their clients at the listing property to wipe down surfaces before and after every showing.

5.  Hand sanitizer will be required prior to every buyer and lister showing.

6.  Clients will be asked not to touch kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

7.  Booties will be provided.

8.  Property Disclosures and other informational material will be provided online only.

9.  I will call the opposing agent prior to a showing to insure the homeowner or buyer is in good health and hasn't been out of the country recently.

We Mainers are a hearty group.  We'll get through this.  Let's all do our part and limit exposure as much as possible without letting the media and hysteria overcome us.

I'd love to hear how you are adapting your daily lives and work practices to stay safe without shutting down.

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