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Where to begin....


If you're hesitant to put your house on the market because the mere thought dredges up feelings of panic, fear and endless work, have no fear!


Your house might just need decluttering, a fresh coat of paint in a key room, some repurposing of your own furniture, new furniture or even some remodeling.   No project is too big or small.


Together we can decide how much, or little, you need to achieve maximum results.


How we accomplish this is up to you and your budget.  I can take care of everything, we can do it together, hire it out or I'll leave you with a comprehensive punchlist and you can rally your friends and family for help.

Some Advantages of Staging

  • It gives the impression of a well-maintained home

  • It presents your home in the best possible light

  • It sells your home faster and, typically, at a higher price

  • It justifies your higher asking price

  • You get a head start on packing

  • Staging makes the house seem larger

  • It helps buyers visualize themselves living there

  • It gives a clear purpose to the room

  • It appears carefree and move-in ready

  • Your house will stand out from the competition

  • It creates "buzz" in the industry which brings more buyers

  • It shows better on-line

  • It makes a great first impression

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Staging Services
Prep and Painting
Personal Shopping
Interior Decorating

What is the Purpose Home Staging?
The purpose of home staging is to merchandise a product (just as a retail store does) so that it yields a quick sale at the maximum price.  It sets a home up to draw potential buyers in, guide them around, bring their focus to important features, help them envision living there and fall in love

Buyers want to see a house that is move-in ready.  Part of the process may be neutralizing paint colors, making repairs you've been put off and updating the look of your home.  Don't worry, we're in this together!

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